Demat Account is explained for beginners in hindi. What is Demat Account and Trading Account? Open Demat Account here ✔
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You can do long term investing or intraday trading in equities or futures trading, options trading & commodity trading through these demat accounts and trading accounts.

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In this video, I have explained:

What is Demat Account? – Demat Account kya hota hai?
Why is a Demat Account required?
What is Trading Account?
Why is a Trading Account required?
Where should we open Demat Account? – Demat Account kaise khole?
How do demat accounts work?
How do Trading Accounts work?
What is Dematerialisation of Shares?
Basic knowledge about Demat and trading account for beginners?
Should we open Demat Account and Trading Account separately?
Can we do Intraday trading without having Demat Account?
Can we do long term investing in equities without having Demat Account?
Can we do futures trading, options trading & commodity trading through discounted broker’s account like: Zerodha Demat Account or Upstox Demat account?.

Although you can open Demat and Trading Accounts with separate stock brokers, it does not make sense. Suppose you open only Demat Account, you will not be able to buy or sell shares through that account. On the other have if you open trading account, you can only do intraday trading through that account i.e. you cannot take delivery of shares, you will have buy and sell shares same day.

Therefore, it makes sense to have demat and trading account with the same share broker.

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