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Senkaku, a group of islands in East China Sea, is claimed by both Japan and China. There are eight uninhabited islands and rocks in Senkaku islands. Japanese name of the islands is Senkakus, while it is known as the Diaoyu islands in China. Senkakus lie near potential oil and gas reserves of East China Sea. It is also close to important shipping routes. Tokyo says these islands are with Japan since 1895. However China says that the Diaoyu islands belongs to Beijing since ancient times. According to China, the Diaoyu islands were administered by Taiwan since late 19th century. At the center of China’s claim is Treaty of San Francisco. Taiwan was returned from Japan’s occupation through this treaty. China says that Diaoyu islands should have been returned to China along with Taiwan. Japan, while countering these territorial claims, says that China began pressing claims only since 1970’s when the discovery of oil and natural gas resources in the area was made. This territorial dispute threatens to raise tensions between China and Japan. Experts fear that this dispute could ignite a military confrontation between these two Asian superpowers.

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