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The RJD-led opposition Grand Alliance in Bihar has arrived at a seat-sharing deal for the forthcoming state assembly elections, RJD’s chief ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav announced on Saturday. RJD will contest on 144 seats while Congress has been given 70 seats. Besides, a total of 29 seats have been allocated to three Left parties—CPI-ML (19), CPI (6), CPM (4) and 6 to mukesh sahni from RJD quota to contest. while in press conference unhappy with the seat-sharing arrangement, Mukesh Sahni said his party was quitting the Grand Alliance since he did not get a “respectable offer”.

On the other hand BJP-JDU-LJP seat sharing formula seems on cracks after rounds of meeting. what would be the next scenarion in bihar election watch this video for more detail. In this debate saurabh-rajdeep along with indian express assistant editor santosh singh discusess this in detail.

Note: This video was recorded before the seat sharing formula announced by mahagathbandhan.

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