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It’s Diwali Time. Get a festive glow at home in just Rs 300. Buy the new Ponds Home Facial Kit and follow the below mentioned 6 easy steps to do your facial at home. Click the links below:

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STEP 1- Cleansing ( Wet your face and neck, create lather with facewash and gently massage and then wash off)
STEP 2 – Scrubbing ( Apply the scrub all over the face and neck . Massage gently for 5 to 7 min, use water if it becomes dry. Wipe off with wet cotton)
STEP 3 – Hydration ( Massage the nourishing cream gently till it gets absorbed)
STEP 4 – Massage ( Apply the massaging cream and use it in upward motion on face and neck for 10-15 min. Wipe off with wet cotton)
STEP 5 – Face Pack ( Apply an even thin layer of peel off mask on face and neck. Keep it for 10-15 min. Rinse with splashes of cold water and then pat dry)
STEP 6 – Protection ( Take the finishing cream on fingertip and gently apply on face and neck)

Congratulations, you have now become a home facial expert.
Enjoy the glow.
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