Umeed Ki Baat. Our daily show. For, beside all the negativity around, there is still hope. Still some positivity around.

In this 12th episode of UKB, Saurabh Dwivedi talks about various positive stories during the hard time we are facing due to Covid pandemic.

First story is from MP. Here a puncture wala donated 70 oxygen cylinder, which led to closing of his business. Second story is of an NRI. His NGO has assembled the team of hundreds, helping Indian covid-19 patients during second wave. Third Story is actually collage of 5 positive stories which we received via social media. Fourth story is from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Where a newly married responded to her ‘call of duty’. Fifth story is from Gaya, Bihar. Where A doctor family has created a web portal, helping the covid-19 patients with free consultation. Sixth story is from Indore, where 3 engineer friends are saving several lives by assembling, repairing and installing ventilator machines in hospitals.

Finally, a useful message from Abhishek (One of the admin members of Backpackers and Travellers Group on Facebook) in our ‘Ummed Ka Sandesh’ section.

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