Want to open your own cloud kitchen? Watch this video to have a better understanding of the business.Today Indrajeet Roy founder of Hoi foods will share his experience. This is the 9th part of our #FoundersUnfiltered series where we learn directly from the founders. If you are new to this series. I recommend you to watch Previous Videos.

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Indrajeet Roy is the Founder & CEO at Hoi Foods which is a Gurugram based Cloud Kitchen Platform
Roy’s consulting job allowed him to travel to different cities and stay in various hotels. From his extensive travels, he came to figure out a universal truth: a great hotel needn’t always serve great food.
Taking a cue from his own experience, he realised this was a great opportunity to fill a gap in the industry and started Hoi Foods in 2017.

Hoi Food’s website – https://www.hoifoods.com/
Frozen Food segment – https://hoipure.co/

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/indrajeetroy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indrajeet.roy.146

For Shorter clips from this Session:

Founders Unfiltered

0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Journey behind starting Hoi Foods
5:52 – Consulting Business
11:57 – Problem with Mid Range Hotels
14:46 – Starting of Hoi Foods
21:50 – Funding
24:11 – Equity Distribution
26:58 – Transition to Cloud Kitchen
32:13 – Shelf life of Frozen Food
33:35 – Logistics Code
36:23 – Marketing Strategies of Hoi Pure
38:18 – How to start your own cloud kitchen?
45:07 – Registrations
48:17 – Investment Required?
53:15 – Challenges in Running a Cloud Kitchen
1:02:37 – What is Menu Engineering?
1:05:00 – Concept of Loss Leader
1:06:12 – McDonald’s Strategies
1:09:43 – How do Cloud Kitchens apply McDonald’s Strategies?
1:11:48 – Commision expenses
1:14:58 – Personal Finance Management
1:22:34 – RAPID FIRE
1:33:39 – Final Message for the viewers

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