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In today’s part of The Lallantop’s Netanagri, Editor Saurabh Dwivedi is in conversation with Preeti Choudhry, Editor, India Today TV and Ashutosh Mishra, Senior Special Correspondent, India Today TV to know the truth of the terrible condition in the state of Uttar Pradesh due to coronavirus infection. Rural districts across India are witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases and Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state, is no exception. OnMay 13, UP reported 281 coronavirus deaths and 17,775 new confirmed cases of infection. More than 70 bodies have been recovered from the river in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Local reports claim more than 100 bodies have been dumped into the river. The discovery of bodies has triggered panic over the spread of Covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, in remote pockets of rural Uttar Pradesh where basic healthcare facilities are in short supply, Asha, Anganwadi workers and ANM-certified nurses are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.
Watch this latest episode of The Lallantop’s Netanagri to know more about the ground-report by India Today Group regarding the increasing Covid19 cases and management by the Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh.

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