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Jharkhand COVID ground coverage: Dumka, a district in Jharkhand, is the headquarters of Santhal Pargana region. A large area of Dumka district is covered with forests. During our COVID ground reporting, Team Lallantop reached a remote village of indigenous Aadivasi people. Here a Principal of a local government school is doing a wonderful experiment with village students. In 2020, when COVID-19 hit the world, most of the countries around the world enforced lockdowns to contain the CORONA spread. India, too, announced a nation-wide lockdown. Schools and colleges also closed. Schools started giving online classes to students. However, due to the lack of smartphones, laptops and high-speed internet;
this arrangement was not feasible for far-off villages. Upon realising this, Principal of a government school in a remote Jharkhand village came up with an innovative solution. Doctor Sapan Kumar is the principal of Upgrade Middle School Dumarthar, Jarmundi, Dumka, Jharkhand. Watch this video for more details.

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