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BUDGET Vs LUXURY in Maldives?? When I first thought of traveling to the Maldives, I knew my ideal trip would be a comparison between visiting a local island vs also going to a resort island. And let me tell you, that I was extremely happy about this decision. The local island provides a perfect insight into what locals really live like. You get to experience a smaller more localized experience and you can enjoy excursions/activities without breaking your wallet! The luxury island, on the other hand, is the most relaxing holiday you could wish for. With 10/10 hospitality, pool sides, beaches, and villas will make you feel pampered and a little spoilt as well! This was one of my favorite destinations ever, and I’ll easily count it in my top 3 for now!

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Additionally, my stay in Fulidhoo was arranged by Fulidhoo dive center.
If you are interested in getting in touch with them or diving yourself, here are their details:

You may skip to the following points in the video for more information:

0:00 Introduction
1:34 Sponsored segment
2:37 Where is the Maldives?
2:44 Part 1: Local Island
3:02 Room tour of the budget stay
3:18 Cost of the budget stay
3:20 How I reached the island
3:30 Visa fee for Indian passport holders
3:50 Why did I choose Thundi Sea View resort
4:39 Food on the local island
5:45 Meet my buddy of the trip
5:47 About the Fulidhoo island
6:20 Sunset from the only bikini beach on the island
6:58 Dinner time
7:06 Day 2 in the local island
7:09 Things to do on a local island in the Maldives
8:18 Paddleboarding
9:24 Shark snorkeling excursion (extreme adventure alert :P)
13:20 Part 2: Resort Island
14:14 Villa tour of our luxury stay
15:30 An unbelievably colorful sunset
16:18 Food on the resort island
17:23 How is it like to work in the Maldives
19:01 We did a flashmob on the beach
20:02 Snorkeling
21:26 Most luxurious pool I have ever seen
22:00 Cost of water activities on the resort island
22:46 Outro

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