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Netanagri 10th September 2022.
In this episode, Saurabh Dwivedi discusses with experts the UKSSC Paper Leak, Vidhansabha Bharti Scam in Uttarakhand and Nitish Kumar’s attempt to unite the opposite.

The Uttarakhand UKSSC Paper leak and the Legislative assembly Job Scandal are discussed in detail in the first segment.
A Senior BJP leader’s name has come in limelight in the paper leak case. Many claim that only smaller scammers are being arrested, While bigger ones are roaming freely. The accused mastermind Hakam Singh’s photos with politicians are viral. The paper leak scam has crushed the dreams of a lot of youth who were preparing for the exam for years. In the Vidhansabha Job scam, Jobs were allotted on nepotism. Several leaders are calling it a usual trend.

After Watching the Session, You will get to know;
– Is a neutral investigation possible in the ‘Vyapam’ scam of Uttarakhand?
– Can the mastermind involved in the matter be arrested?
– Did the pressure of the CBI inquiry affect the speed of SIT investigation?
– Is every party equally responsible for the Uttarkhand Legislative Assembly Job Scam?

Experts in this session are;
– Ajeet Singh, Independent journalist
– Trilochan Bhatt, Activist/Senior Journalist
– Himanshu Shekhar, Senior Special Correspondent, India Today
– Sajendra Kathait, Uttarakhand Berojgar Sangh.

In the second session, the possibility of opposition unity and the efforts being done by Nitish Kumar to unite the opposition is debated. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is also discussed in detail. Also, many interesting political stories from the past came outside the crustal of history.

After watching the session, You will get to learn;
– Can political parties separated from the Janta Dal can unite again?
– What are the challenges in front of this possibility?
– What is Nitish Kumar’s Plan? Can he succeed?
– What is Rahul Gandhi trying to achieve via Bharat Jodo Yatra?
– What is the inside story of the dinner party in which the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party was discussed very seriously?

Experts in this session are;
– Rahul Shrivastava, National Affairs Editor, India Today TV
– Smita Gupta, Senior Journalist
– Debashish Mukerji, Author and Journalist

In the Jawabdehi segment, Saurabh answers some of the selected questions asked by viewers. You can also ask your queries via the comments below the video.
In the Fursat ki Salaah, Saurabh recommends his favourite books and Web Series. Saurabh also discusses Lallantop’s newer initiatives being launched this week.

Watch the latest episode of Netanagri to know all about these in detail.

03:01-can the old Janata dal unite?
48:30-Uttarakhand Recruitment Scam
01:36:46-Fursat Ki Salah

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Edited By: Maneesh Negi


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