Episode 31: मन सच्चा और काम पक्का
Kartik mocks Radhika regarding Goa’s offsite project. Radhika’s mother asks her to lie to her father to get permission for the Goa offsite project. Will Radhika go ahead with the lie? Will Radhika find a solution for this? What will she do now? What happens next? Watch the episode and know more.

Show Name: Sapnon Ki Chhalang
Cast: Megha Ray, Kashish Paul Duggal, Alma Hussein, Benaf Dadachandji
Producer: Herumb Khot, Nilanjana Purkayasstha
Director: Arif Ali

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About Sapnon Ki Chhalang:
Every parent often hopes for a better life for their child. They hope that they are able to achieve things that perhaps their parents never could. But very often, society puts the responsibility, and perhaps even the burden of social mobility only on the son. A daughter on the other hand is considered too fragile, and to be protected, simply to be looked after by her parents, and then handed over to her husband, for him to do the same. More often than not her choices, she will, and her ambitions are not even considered. Therefore, despite the parents having educated their daughters, they can’t think of allowing the educated daughters to pursue their careers in another city, away from the sheltered environment. This is the story of one such girl, Radhika Yadav, a girl with ambition, a girl with a plan for her life. But since she is a girl- and no girl from the family could be allowed to move out and live alone this way as it is considered unsafe, and the family is worried that it would “spoil” her. How this ambitious girl breaks the shackles of familial fears and restrictions and moves from small town to metro city for her career and becomes independent and ultimately brings her family to the metro city, providing social mobility to all.

मन सच्चा और काम पक्का | Sapnon Ki Chhalang | Ep 31 | Full Episode | 22 May 2023


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