Tarikh Ep. 55
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In this edition of Tarikh, Nikhil narrates the story of
the Second Anglo–Mysore War fought between 1780 and 1784. It was a conflict between the kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company from. At the same time French and British were in conflict due to the American Revolutionary War. Due to this in 1779 the British attacked Mahe port controlled by French and of vital importance to Hyder Ali, the Ruer of Mysore. Hyder Ali with support of Marathas attacked the British but Martha withdrew later. Tipu won the battle of Pollilur and British withdrew to Madras. Later British attacked the Malabar region and Tipu Sultan had to go there to defend. This allowed British to regroup and they they won 3 successive wars against Hyder Ali. These include the battle of Sholinghur and Porto Nova. Watch Complete video to know the full story.

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