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Sonu’s Mother-in-law sends Ishqi to acquire the measurements of Sonu’s finger for the ring. But as she reaches the house she realizes that it is actually Ahaan’s house and ignores everything but keeps the work in mind. But the lady who was asking Ishqi for a favor has followed her here too. And Ishqi somehow manages to avoid her momentarily and enters Ahaan’s house and finds they are doing something shocking. Watch the episode to find out.

Show Name: Ishk Par Zor Nahi
Cast: Param Singh, Akshita Mudgal, Rajat Verma, Shagun Sharma, Kapil Soni, Abha Parmar
Director: Lalit Mohan
Producer: Gul Khan, Karishma Jain, Dipti Kalwani

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About Ishk Par Zor Nahi:
Ahaan Malhotra, a successful businessman, who lives by discipline and family values, crosses paths with Ishqi, a girl who believes that love conquers all. What will happen when fate tries to bring these two opposites together?

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Ishqi क्यों छुपा रही है Ahaan से अपना मुँह? | Ishk Par Zor Nahi | Full Episode


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