Hey everyone! Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂 I really wanted to make you smile with a little Music video with two of my friends, so here goes.
I’m currently in London with Kritika Khurana and Shivesh Bhatia. Incidentally, they are also both YouTubers. Kritika isΩ doing a vlog series on her channel from our trip! Do go check it out on her channel – @Kritika Khurana https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCozheH90vpNCOU15VgUgvog

Also do go check out her Instagram for live updates from our trip: @thatbohogirl
And Shivesh – @shivesh17

On another note, if you plan to start your own venture, a blog, e-commerce, an online store or anything that you think that you are good at, do give BigRock a shot! These days you cannot neglect the power of having a strong online presence after all! In this video, I’m also hosting a giveaway in association with them.

To participate:

1) Comment below the post describing your passion along with your unqiue domain name (xyz.travel) and stand a chance to win an exclusive domain name witha free website from BigRock.

2) Follow BigRock Page and YT Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/BigRockTV

3) 5 of you also stand a chance to win .travel Domains (Domains are basically abc.travel, xyz,travel, etc)

Contest winners will be pinned in the comments section.

Visit Big Rock here: https://www.bigrock.in/passionismyname#

and use Coupon code ‘PASSION’ for introductory prices and bundles!

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