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– Ludo King is developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd, an Indian company

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Duniyadari- 7 May
First Headline-

Iraqi Parliament has approved the formation of a new government, making Mustafa al-Kadhimi Iraq’s new Prime Minister.

Second Headline-

Africa could become next epic centre of the Coronavirus, warned The World Health Organization (WHO).

Third Headline-

Number of Coronavirus deaths in Europe has surpassed 150,000 mark. Poland has postponed presidential elections amid coronavirus outbreak.

Badi Khabar-

Venezuela, an oil-rich nation in Latin America, has claimed that it has captured 13 mercenary terrorists including two United States Citizens in connection with a failed plot to overturn Nicolas Maduro government. Airan Berry and Luke Denman, the two United States Citizens captured by Venezuela, are both former U.S. special forces soldiers. Luke Denman, in a televised interrogation broadcasted by Venezuelan state television on May 6, said that he was on a mission to seize control of Caracas’ airport. Luke Denman also that he was instructed to bring in a plane to fly President Nicolas Maduro to the America. Luke Denman was reportedly working for a Florida-based private security firm named Silvercorp, founded by Jordan Goudreau. Jordan Goudreau, too, is a retired ex-Green Beret officer. Jordan Goudreau released a video on social media claiming responsibility for the alleged attack. Nicolás Maduro insists that Donald Trump is behind this alleged invasion. President Donald Trump has denied any involvement.

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