A financial perspective on how to buy a car in India. Buying a car is not a binary decision. But if we take care of few points, we can take care of our finances as well as enjoy the benefits of a car.

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इंडिया में कार वित्तीय दृष्टिकोण से कैसे खरीदी जा सकती है। कार खरीदना एक बाइनरी डिसिशन नहीं है। लेकिन अगर हम कुछ बिंदुओं का ध्यान रखते हैं, तो हम अपने फिननेस का ध्यान रखते हुए कार के फयदों का आनंद भी ले सकते हैं।

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In this video, we have explained:
Which important factors you should keep in mind from financial perspective before you buy a car in India?
How to get the best out of buying a car in India?
What is the average depreciation of car?
Which factors you should consider before buying a car?
How to compare petrol, diesel, CNG car before buying?
How maintenance cost should be taken into consideration before investing in a car?
Why should you consider the cost of fuel, cost of maintenance and insurance in your car buying decision?
Why should you go for the used car?
Is buying a car value for money or should you go for public transport instead?

How you will determine if you are losing money or getting the most out of your investment while buying a car? This is what exactly we will try to understand and get into the most common but most important points that we often miss to consider before we make the decision to buy a car.
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