In the last episode from Colombia we check out the best beaches in Colombia, cool things to do in Santa Marta and the area around up to Palomino and the mountain village Minca
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After showing your the area in and around Cali in the previous episode it is now time for another tourist hotspot. In this last episode from Colombia my buddy Stefan and I are going to take you with us as we explore the most beautiful beaches in Colombia at the Tayrona National Park, do another tubing session in Palomino and hike through the green mountains around Minca where we check out waterfalls and learn more about Colombian coffee.

Starting in Santa Marta we explore the whole area – despite the fact that there are not so many things to do in Santa Marta itself there are numerous picturesque destinations all around, therefore we used the city as our transportation hub between the beaches in the east and the mountain village of Mince

In the next episode I show you how to prepare your own trip to Colombia by sharing my best Colombia travel tips followed by a packing list video.

Best Beaches in Colombia & Things to do in Santa Marta as shown in this episode:
Rodadero & Taganga
Costeno Beach & Tayrona Tented Lodge
Palomino Beach & Rio Palomino Tubing
El Zoo Hostel
Tayrona National Park
Playa Cabo San Juan
Playa Arrecifes
Playa Piscina
Playa Piscinita
Playa Palomino
Playa Costeno
Pozo Azul
Cascadas de Marinka
La Victoria Coffee Farm
Los Pinos

— About Exploring Colombia —
Colombia, a country which many only know because of it’s violent past, has been on my list since I went to South America for my first long-term trip in 2012. 6 Years later and with 5 weeks to spend it was finally time to properly explore my country number 9 on the continent.
For the first part of the trip I’ll be traveling with my mate David to the historical city of Cartagena, some picturesque Carribean islands and to the city of Medellin where we get to learn about the violent past and the transformation of the country. After a few days in the capital Bogota I’ll be joined by my good friend Stefan to learn salsa and take on some outdoor adventures in Cali before heading up to Santa Marta where we checkout the most beautiful beaches, float down rivers and hike through the mountains.

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