Ransomware is malware that crashes into emails, infected websites, software, and enters the victim’s system, encrypting the victim’s entire hard drive as soon as it runs! It then extorts money by displaying a message to reopen and operate the victim’s system.
After infecting the system , the tools encrypt the information on the host computer and then ask users to pay the perpetrators to access their information. And its producers to pay. Unfortunately, this payment is made through a very strict and secure service and the possibility of financial return to users is almost zero. On the other hand, some users, like many Iranian users, simply do not have the ability to deposit money to these services, and normally they have to restrict their information.
Free decryptors provided by EmsiSoft to decrypt your files encrypted by hostage-taking malware will be able to decrypt your files so that you will no longer have to pay a ransom requested by the hostage-takers.



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