I tried Online dating for the first time!!!
Do you experience random stigma around online dating? It is often seen as taboo to be spoken about, but I’ve really wanted to give it a shot for a while now, because why not? In most cases it could turn into a fun activity, a reason to go out and a chance to find a meaningful relationship. So I accepted the challenge to try it for myself and decided to download Bumble since a lot of my friends often tell me how much they like it. In this video, I’m going out on not just one, not just two, but three dates I met from Bumble! P.S. I also reached out to the guys who you see in the video and planned all the dates entirely. Of course, took permission from them as well to have them on video. 😀

My verdict: Ladies, the guys out there are really not bad! Don’t hesitate to make the first move, and plan fun dates. And guys, hope you enjoyed watching a girl’s take on online dating 😀 So don’t shy away from looking for meaningful relationships online 🙂

Go ahead and download Bumble here – https://bumble.onelink.me/3396940749?pid=events&c=TanyaKhanijow

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– Concept, Direction, Screenplay -Tanya Khanijow
– Production Assistant – Himadri
– Edited by – Namrata Menon
– Music – Available on Epidemic Sound
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Video edited on Final Cut Pro X


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