Happy Birthday to me! Haha. This is probably the first time I really celebrated my birthday on this channel in general because I’m mostly either traveling or hatching travel plans around my birthday every year. So a lockdown was a good opportunity to slow down and celebrate with family. I did a small Q&A also this time with some stories I may have never shared before. I definitely want to do more of these in the future, so if you have recommendations, let me know. 🙂

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Also, very soon, we have a new series coming up called #IssBaarAmerica
Here’s the full episode list.

Episode 1 – The Bucket List – Yosemite National Park.
Episode 2 – Mumbai se aayi Namrata + Shopping in the US | My first Haul
Episode 3 – Adulting in America!
Episode 4 – Two Girls One Car
Episode 5 – Sand Dunes in California?
Episode 6 – THE Reunion
Episode 7 – Surviving on Redbull in DEATH VALLEY
Episode 8 – Of Jacuzzi, Beaches & Los Angeles
Episode 9 – Kayaking inside Caves and Ocean
Episode 10 – Cooking Indian Food for Japanese AirBnB Hosts

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