What are Mutual Funds? How to invest in Mutual Funds? How do they compare with Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate on risk and returns? What are the features and types of Mutual Funds? What are their Pros and Cons? All these questions are answered in this hindi video.

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Mutual Funds क्या है? Mutual Funds में invest कैसे करे ? Real Estate, bonds , stocks के साथ कैसे compare करते हैं? Mutual Funds के types और features क्या है? इसके Pros और Cons क्या है? इन सभी questions को इस वीडियो में answer किया गया है ।

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In this video, we have explained:
What are Mutual Funds?
Why should we invest in mutual funds?
How do you make money from a Mutual Fund?
What are the risks of Mutual Funds?
What are equity mutual funds?
What is debt mutual fund?
How do equity mutual funds work?
Are debt funds safe?
What is an index fund?
How to select best mutual funds in India?
Is SIP good for long term?
Can one lose money in SIP?
Should you invest lumpsum or in SIP?

There are 4 main points when we do any type of investment – risk, returns, volatility and liquidity. In mutual funds, there is a moderate to high risk, high volatility as it directly depends on the Sensex and nifty and finally liquidity is also high. That’s why we should invest in mutual funds to earn high returns with much lesser risks than stocks.

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