Happy Diwali Everyone! Hope you had a great one. Here’s a quick update of how I celebrated this Diwali. Away from crackers and hopefully having done something nice for the environment. Please make sure that if you find trash on mountains while trekking, you pick it up and clean up after yourself. Every little action makes a huge impact. #creatorsforchange

Updates –

1) I was trekking up Mechukha La in this video. (my pronunciation in the video is incorrect)

2) I didn’t have access to the internet or proper information regarding the strike. The one stated in the video is whatever I could gauge from conversations with locals. Please look up The Arunachal Times for the full piece.

3) I couldn’t find a cyber cafe to upload this video on that day. I found a place with vsat internet connection to make a call back home though. Haha.

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Music – Epidemic Sound

Shot by – Myself while trekking
Edited by – Me on Premiere Pro CC 2018
Shot on – Panasonic GH5
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