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The Lallantop Fact Check: A claim is going viral on social media that the country’s largest pharmaceutical company is making test kits for Cipla Corona Virus (Covid-19). It is written in the claim that Cipla will give this test kit to the government without making a profit to cure coronavirus COVID-19.

In the investigation of ‘The Lallantop’, this viral claim was found to be false. Cipla has not announced any plans to make the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) test kit. Rather, it has announced to work closely with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) to make Covid-19 medicine. The team of ‘The Lallantop’ spoke to Cipla’s communication team to know the truth of the claim.

Watch the video to know if the pharmaceutical company Cipla will provide Coronavirus test kits to the government without profit.

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