This one’s important! Basically, I want to tell you of three things –
Firstly, it is very important to stay at home for now. Do not leave to even meet your neighbours if possible. Because if your family meets different people, and even if one person contracts coronavirus, that means you spread it to everybody who your family also came in contact with.

Secondly, the new series! If you are home and dreaming about travel, we have #IssBaarAmerica Series going live soon!


Episode 1 – The Bucket List – Yosemite National Park.
Episode 2 – Mumbai se aayi Namrata + Shopping in US | My first Haul
Episode 3 – Adulting in America!
Episode 4 – Two Girls One Car
Episode 5 – Sand Dunes in California?
Episode 6 – THE Reunion
Episode 7 – Surviving on Redbull in DEATH VALLEY
Episode 8 – Of Jacuzzi, Beaches & Los Angeles
Episode 9 – Kayaking inside Caves and Ocean
Episode 10 – Cooking Indian Food for Japanese AirBnB Hosts

And finally, I’m doing a Q&A video soon, so please let me know your questions in the description box!

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