In this Video I Tried to Explain to show the Proof of legal Documents who is
Asking Every time so for that

Just Open below Website:

Go to Daily Order Section or Directly open below link

In Case Type : Select Writ Petition (Criminal)
Select Year 2017
Number :31
Press Search now :

it will show all the cases in that select 2nd case of 27-03-2017

there is Clearly Mentions that
” For the grounds stated in the Writ Petition, there shall be
stay of further proceedings in all the 20 FIRs in terms of prayer
at Clause (c) of the petition pending hearing and final disposal. ”

Recent in Jan 19 happened in Telangana Select the same
In Case Type :
Select Writ Petition (Criminal)
Select Year 2019
Number :17 Search
there is 25th Jan 2019
there also its clearly mention
“Tag alogwith Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 31 of 2017.”

then after you can see all the Orders of Supreme Court there like

Again go & write In Case Type :
Select Contempt Petition (Civil)

Select Year 2019
Number :162 and Search there you will see the 11-2-2019

in that also Clearly mentioned
“List along with the main matter i.e. W.P. (Crl.) No. 31/2017. ”

Vihaan Direct selling company Filing Petition on the commissioner of Hyderabad who is violating the supreme court orders
verify on Hyderabad high court

now we will see what is Happening in High court of Telangana High court.

Go to this Website
Case Type : WP
Case Number: 2289
Case Year: 2019

See the legal Documents and Procedures there.
you will find the File

please check it …
i hope this all things Are clear who is asking where is the legal Documents , where is the Order and on which basis We are telling Supreme court in Favor of QNet.
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