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Episode 40:
Sonia is really mad at Akshat. Amber keeps on asking Akshat the matter but he does not respond. He is really in a very bad mood. In addition to this, he is cross with Amber because of some or the other reason.

About The Amber Dhara :
Amber, Dhara are conjoined twins yet are as different as chalk and cheese. Amber Dhara is a bittersweet tale of survival, ambitions, music, and understanding, and most importantly: unconditional love. Abandoned by their father, since the two sisters are joint at the hips, Amber [Sky] and Dhara [Earth] are raised by their mother and grandfather in the idyllic hilly town of Panchgani. From birth, life for these girls has always been a challenge since people stare at them and jeer at their deformities. However, their mother is determined to make them independent and successful. Amber Dhara is a story of a courageous journey where the twins survive various challenges and meet people- good, bad, and ugly. The show emphasizes human values, compassion, and a persistent struggle against all odds.


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