Hey guys! Welcome back to Garima’s Good Life. Today’s Monday Booster will talk about how you can bring immense positivity and happiness into your life! The formula is really simple and is ideally the answer to all your problems. We often wish to be like others- For example, be as beautiful as a celebrity, be rich as a businessman, have all luxuries of life and the desires are endless. But has anyone ever told you to live with whatever you’ve got or whoever you are? You can be truly happy if you accept your flaws and make them your strength. They’re a part of you and you must be proud of it! The day you accept yourself as whoever you are, you can be whatever you want!
I unveil the story of a crow who is fascinated by the appearance and beauty of other birds and questions every time as to why it is him who is not loved?
The answer is simple. We never count the blessings we have, we count the ones we don’t!
I hope this video helps each one of us to realize our self-worth and be more happy and confident in our daily lives!
Pro Tip: Self-love is the very first romance!

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And remember you all are special and loved!
– Garima


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