Options Trading Terminology are explained in hindi. We will also see option chain with call and put option on NSE website to understand option premium, strike price, expiry date, european option and american option.

What are ATM (At The Money), OTM (Out of The Money) and ITM (In The Money) Options? What is Open Interest, LTP, Implied Volatility?

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ऑप्शन ट्रेडिंग टर्मिनोलॉजी को हिंदी में समझाया गया है। ऑप्शन प्रीमियम, स्ट्राइक प्राइस, एक्सपायरी डेट, यूरोपियन ऑप्शन और अमेरिकन ऑप्शन को समझने के लिए हम NSE website पर कॉल और पुट ऑप्शन भी ऑप्शन चैन देखेंगे।

ATM (At the Money), OTM (आउट ऑफ द मनी) और ITM (इन द मनी) ऑप्शन क्या हैं? ओपन इंटरेस्ट, एलटीपी, इंप्लाइड वोलैटिलिटी क्या है?

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In this video, we have explained:
What are the basics of option trading terminology?
What are option premium, strike price, expiry date, european option and american option?
What is the difference between american option and european option?
What is spot price in option trading?
How premium is calculated in option trading?
How profit and loss occur in call option and put option?
What are the money, at the money and out of the money terms in option trading?
How to calculate loss and profit in option trading?
How to calculate break even in option trading?
Why put option is bought?
What is the calculation formula for profit calculation in call and put options?
How to check options in NSE website?
What is open interest in option trading?

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