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Did you ever realize that healthy breakfast can also be healthy for skincare…Well presenting to your some of my weird and crazy skincare hacks which I have derived from my breakfast items and they prove to be quite awesome when used for skin care.

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1. Papaya peel massage on face…Papaya is not only good for digestion, it is amazing for the skin, It has papain and Vitamin A that removes dead cells from the skin. U can massage it for 5 min on your face once a week…Wash your face with normal water and see the results…

2. Dosa batter for tan removal…Dosa batter is made of urad dal and rice which has anti-oxidants and minerals. It is absolutely amazing in removing pigmentation and tanning from the body. Put it on affected areas for 5-7 min till it dries then wash off with luke warm water. It is great for under arms whitening.

3. Oats Milk honey body scrub…mash everything together…scrub on the skin…Oats remove the tough dry and dead skin cells, honey and banana soothes your skin…This combination has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, anti oxidants and anti bacterial properties… Keep for 5 min and then wash it off..

4. Vitamin C for immunity boosting. I use Mamaearth Vitamin C Range to get the desired glow on my face. The Vitamin C Day Regime consists of 4 variants to be used in a particular order – Face Wash, Toner, Face Mask and Face Cream (With SPF). You can order from the links mentioned above #GottaCMyGlow #skincare


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