I hope you guys saw my travelogue on Ladakh trip! If you haven’t then check this link now.

Well! In order to make sure your trip is full of fun and adventure here are few tips and points to remember while you prepare and pack your bags!

1. Clothes
Remember to wear clothes for layering. There are a lot of places where you will find extreme cold, while some places where you won’t feel the need for your winter wear.
– Thermals
– T-Shirts
– Sweaters
– Jackets

Don’t forget to carry your sports shoes and if you want to break the monotony of everyday looks, carry a nice pair of boots with you.

2. Skin care
You’ll be exposed to a lot of sun tan, so these tips are for men as well.
– Sunscreen
– Lip balm
– Moisturizer

Also, you’ll be required to take care of your hair at such high altitude. Make sure you tie your hair and tie a bun.

3. Health
There are a few medicines my physician suggested me.
– Diamoxine (For adjusting in high altitude)
– Motion sickness medicines
– Cold & Cough medicines
– Lemon
– Camphor

4. Gadgets
Here are few gadgets you shouldn’t forget to carry along!
– Phone
– Airtel or BSNL Postpaid connection (no other sim works)
– Aadhar card
– Selfie stick
– Speakers
– Battery banks

5. Food
Knick-knacks to carry for your journey!
– Chocolates
– Dry fruits
– Candies
– Khakhra
– Laddos

6. Photoshoot
Wear lots of accessories to jazz up your look! Caps, bandanas etc. Carry reflectors, shoes and scarves of various colours to make your pictures come out very well.

That’s all folks! Hit me up in the comments if you have any queries!
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