What are unauthorised and illegal colonies in India? Should you buy or invest in a property in an unapproved colony? What are the risks involved? There are many unauthorised colonies in Delhi. The poor infrastructure and living conditions in these colonies has become a political issue.

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इंडिया में अनऑथोराइज़्ड और इललीगल कोलोनीज़ क्या हैं? क्या आपको किसी अनएप्रूव्ड कॉलोनी में किसी संपत्ति में निवेश करना या खरीदना चाहिए? इसमें किस तरह के जोखिम शामिल होते हैं? दिल्ली में कई अनधिकृत कोलोनीज़ हैं। इन कोलोनीज़ में खराब बुनियादी ढांचे और लिविंग कंडीशंस एक राजनीतिक मुद्दा बन गई है।

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In this video, we have explained:
What are unauthorised and illegal colonies?
Is it safe to invest in unauthorised and illegal colonies?
How unauthorised colonies are different from authorised?
What are the risks involved in investing in unauthorised colonies?
What is the concept of unauthorised and illegal colonies?
Why are some colonies called unauthorised or illegal?
What are the reasons for colonies to become unauthorised and illegal?
How unauthorised colonies are sold on GPA (General Power Of Attorney?
Why do unauthorised colonies develop?
Why people buy land or property in unauthorised colonies?
What are unapproved colonies?
Why should you not invest in unapproved colonies?
Can unauthorised and illegal colonies be approved and legalized?
Why unauthorised and illegal colonies lack good infrastructure?
What are the pros and cons of unauthorised and illegal colonies?

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