What is Occupancy Certificate (OC)? Can you move in your property without Certificate of Occupancy and Completion Certificate? Let’s find out the importance of Occupation Certificate and Certificate of Completion while taking possession of a property and how to go about them.

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In this video, we have explained:
What is Occupancy Certificate?
Why Occupancy Certificate is required?
When is the certificate of occupancy issued?
Can I move in my property without Certificate of Occupancy and Completion Certificate?
What is the importance of Occupancy Certificate while taking possession of a property?
What is the difference between Completion Certificate and certificate of occupancy?
What are the documents needs to be submitted to get the Occupancy Certificate?
What is the Intimation of Disapproval?
What is the Provisional Certificate?
What to do when you have not received Occupancy Certificate and already taken possession of the property?
What is the ideal way of taking the possession?

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