Financial leverage is the effect of debt or interest on profits of a company. Combined leverage takes into account both financial leverage and operating leverage.

In this hindi video, financial leverage and combined leverage are discussed in detail along with formula and calculation.

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फाइनेंसियल लेवरेज एक कंपनी के प्रॉफिट पर डेब्ट या इंटरेस्ट के प्रभाव को बताता है। कंबाइंड लेवरेज फाइनेंसियल लेवरेज और ऑपरेटिंग लेवरेज दोनों को ध्यान में रखता है।

इस वीडियो में फाइनेंसियल लेवरेज और कंबाइंड लेवरेज को हिंदी में डिटेल में डिसकस किया गया है फार्मूला और कैलकुलेशन।

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In this video, we have explained:
What is the concept of financial leverage?
What is combined leverage?
How financial leverage formula is used in leverage analysis?
How to calculate the degree of financial leverage?
What are the risks associated with high financial leverage and low financial leverage business?

In the video, you will get to know the effect of the financial leverage ratio. More debt portion in a business means higher financial leverage & a low portion of debt means lower financial leverage. We will also understand the combined leverage calculation.
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Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Financial Leverage”.


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