Why is the WhatsApp privacy policy change a big deal? What data does Facebook and WhatsApp take from you? Why need to protect your data in the first place? These are only some of the questions that have sparked recently. We answer these and a lot more with the help of a technology lawyer Mishi Choudhary in this episode of Elemental where we talk about the smaller things in tech that have a much bigger impact on the real world. You can catch Elemental episodes every Sunday at 1pm.

Editor’s note: Mishi Choudhary is Legal Director, SFLC New York, and not SFLC.in. We apologise for the error.

0:00 Introduction
2:20 Why Facebook is Trying to Integrate its Services and Apps
2:57 Data Collected by WhatsApp
3:56 Why you Need to Protect your Data
6:57 Why Can’t Other Messengers Get the Same Traction as WhatsApp
10:11 Why are Signal and Telegram Better Options than WhatsApp

Anchor, Editor and Animator: Shubham Raheja (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/authors/shubham-raheja-43)

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