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AiS Android iPhone Solutions

Soon Make Perfect
(1) Multimeter full working concept with practically
(1) Normal multimeter (2) LCR multimeter (3) DSO Oscilloscope multimeter

(Like) Gr/Diode reading volt/amp/ohm/henry/capacitance etc
(2) All component working principal with practically
(Like) Coil Diode Capactor Resistor Transistor Mosfet thermistor
Check working or not by normal multimeter with LCR multimeter

(3) All type supply how to work with practicaliy on multimeter and DSO
(Like) Volt Amps Buck Bost Ldo En Smps Rst Data Clock Mipi I2C I2S
(Full short/half short)

(1) All short find by rosine/cic/tharmal/cemra/dcps/etc
All concept and fault diagnose step by step on latest schematic Diagram



(1) Power on fault

(2) Light fault

(3) Grapich fault

(4) Cemra fault

(5) Charging fault

(6) Over temperature low and high

(7) Network fault / wifi bluetooth radio off low network no service baseband unknown etc

(8) Battery fault / id temperature etc

(9) All Sensor fault fingerprint/Face id ambient light proximity sensor etc

(10) Audio fault / ringer ear spk headphone jack

(11) CPU fault working or not

(12) EMMC/EMCP/UFS/RAM fault

(13) IC fault how to know ic working or not power/charging/audio/grapich



(1) How to remove and clean all type pasted ic glue black/white
(Like) Power Cpu Emmc/Emcp/Ufs/Ram popup double decker etc

(2) All type micro jumpring under ic and pcb

(3) All type remove pad/line break repair under ic and pcb

(4) How to drill with safe mathod any cpu/emmc/ufs etc

(5) How to reboll all type ic cpu/emmc/ufs/power/light/grapich etc

(6) How to Microscope blower temperature controls for proper heat without dead risk



(1) How to flash any phone samsung/oppo/vivo/mi etc

(2) How to select latest and good file

(3) How to unlock any phone/with bill box

(4) How to repair boot loop hang on logo restart etc


(1) All process on UFI/EASY/JTAG/MEDUSA/PRO2

(2) How to read backup and dump Exclude/data/booting/data

(3) How to read securty network backup

(4) How to repair bad health 90%/99% with ffu etc

(5) How to conect and programing/flashing/unlock with ISP jumper

(6) How to program/unlock/flash ufs ic

(7) How to change any emmc/emcp/ufc

(8) How to read and write ffu from emmc/emcp

(9) What is ext/csd what is in side

(10) how to judge good or bad emmc/emcp

(11) What is RPMB


Important notice
Class duration 20 days
Per day 3/hours basic/writing 5/hours practice
Living and fooding not include arange student himself
(AiS) Android iPhone Solutions

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