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*We fixit Institute*

Bilal Aakash Sir (( 8866184417 ))

*Multimeter Oprating method*
*All Components working method*
*Schemetic Reading Step By Step All Words*

*All Sort Name Schemetic Understand*

*All Signal Lines*
I2c explain theory
Spi explain theory
Spmi explain theory
Refe Explain theory
Mipi Dsi explain theory
Mipi csi explain Theory
I2S Explanation therory
EBI explanation theory
SDIO explanation Theory

*All Volatges Line Explanation*
*All Signal Line Explanation*
*Step By Step Dead Set Foult Finding By Theory And Practical Demo*
*Half Sorting Theory And Practical Demo*
*Network Section Solution Theory And Practical Demo*
*Light Section Theory And Practical Demo*
*Grafiks Section Vsn Vsp and Work Principal Only Theory And Practical Demo*
*Wifi/BL/FM Redio/GPS work Theory And Practical Demo*
*Audio Section Full Explanation only And Practical Demo*
*Charging Section Explanation Theory And Practical Demo*
*Touch Section Explanation theory And Practical Demo*
*Proximity sensors explanation theory By And Practical Demo*
*Fingerprint sensor Theory And Practical Demo*

*Emmc And Cpu Communication*
*emmc Bad Helth How to remove*
*How to Make Dump Ex Cluded Userdata*
*How to take Security Becup In Emmc*
*How To Rpmb Clean in Emmc*
*How To Repair deadboot Repair*
*How To Ufs Programings and Unlocking*
*How To Understand Ufs Chip*
*How to connect ufs And Cpu*
*How to Unlock Online flashing Set Offline*

☝️All Offline Students Live All Practical Demo
Live Remove black past Ic
Live Remove whaite Ic
Live Remove Dualdeker Cpy
Live All Problems understand
Under Masking jumper live
Some Personal Tricks Shere
Esay way To Make Every Foult Finding Method
Every Section deel Understand
Reballing Esay Way Cpu And All Small Ic

Offline Students Life Time Supports and Any Time Repit batch Free Joining

Offline Line Students Come Our Institute And Join Our course (10-15) Days Class
25000rs Fees
Advance =2000rs on your Seat Booking Amounts
Booking Amount Its Non Refundable Amount

Complserry Needs 70% software Knowledge
Complserry need 30% Hardware Knowledge (like Section Understand and Many Components Understand)

*We-Fixit Mobile Training
2nd Floor
Tulsi arced
Mota Varcha
Near Sudama Chowk
Mota Varcha
394101 Gujarat

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