Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India for traveling and a road trip. In this series we are going to cover 5 main destinations by road – Wayanad, Athirapally falls, Vagamon, Varkala, and Alleppey. In this episode, I’m in Alleppey, with some of the best views, and extensive network of canals and the mighty backwaters! It has many activities for you to pursue like Shikara ride, observing a sunset by the beach, Canoe boat ride, kayaking, house boats etc.

For all of these experiences, you can reach out to Oscar Cruise, Alleppey. Believe me, they are the best in business, and will make sure your experience is amazing!
All their details are below:
Phone: 099475 32527

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I actually traveled to Kerala from Karnataka and took an RT-PCR negative report with me while travelling and in this episode, I stayed at Lemon Dew homestay, which is a really nice place for relaxing and staying at. 😀

Homestay details:
For more details of them, watch this video –

You may skip to the following points in the video for more information:

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Day 1 in Alleppey
0:48 What is Alleppey famous for?
1:01 How I purchased my vlogging setup (ad)
2:33 Let’s go down the canals of Alleppey
2:53 Shikara Experience!
3:27 How I know of Oscar Cruise?
4:17 Nehru Trophy Boat Race Finishing Point Stadium
4:33 Why is Snake Boat Race so famous?
4:43 This is what makes backwaters in Kerala gorgeous
5:16 Transportation of big machines in backwaters
5:38 A duck farm visit
6:00 Playing Cricket in Kupapparam village!
6:24 A recap on what we covered during the ride
6:33 The most economical transportation – Public Ferries
6:48 How a duck farm works
7:12 A restaurant only accessible on a boat (must-have dishes revealed)
8:26 Sunset and bird nesting ground in the backwaters
9:00 Was the Shikhara ride worth it?
9:26 Day 2
9:43 The expedition begins
9:51 A cycle on a tree?
10:00 Let’s hop on a *special* Boat (Canoe)
10:32 My MOST favorite experience in Alleppey
11:04 A bird’s eye view of the backwaters in Kerala
11:18 Some local songs with the sounds of waves as BGM
11:28 I tried boating in the backwaters
11:44 A heartwarming lunch with Mr. Sajjeev’s family
12:35 A conversation with Sandra, Anjali and Priya Chechi
13:05 Authentic Keralite food!
14:00 Impediments the villagers of Kainakary face
14:42 Experiencing the village life unfold
15:26 We got stuck under a bridge!
16:00 A serene ride on a public ferry
16:18 What an unbelievable sunset at Alappuzha Beach!
17:10 To be continued

Video Credits:
Shot by: Eshan Joshi and Tanya Khanijow
Edited by: Micheal Negi

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