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In this episode of Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, Vikrant has started to act after his wife’s death. He is unable to get out of the trauma that has occurred. The staff members and his fellow doctor are genuinely concerned for Vikrant and his well-being. Will Vikrant be able to come out of this trauma? What will happen next, To know more, watch the episode now?

Show Name: Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii
Cast: Additi Gupta, Rohit Purohit.
Episode: 58
Producer: Nilanjana Purkayasstha, Herumb Khot.

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About Dhadkan:
In a world where rules are set by men, Dr. Deepika Sinha, a surgeon, enters FMS hospital. But for her to live her dream, she must struggle against gender bias, judgment, as well as her own past.

NEW! Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii – Ep 58 | 22 Feb 2022 | Teaser


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