I visited Andamans to complete my basic and Advanced Open water diving certification and now I’m a PADI certified diver! I’m going to share my entire diving journey here on YouTube so that you can get started as well if it interests you. There are many advantages of this certification, like now, I can dive anywhere in the world! And with the basic open water, you can dive upto a depth of 18m, which is great for exploring the underwater world! The travel arrangements were made by Tripver.

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Here’s a rough cost breakdown of the travel arrangement:
Flight tickets: ₹8-18k
Ferry: ₹1500/person
Room Rent: ₹500 – 3500/day (budget)
Scooty Rent: ₹400-600/day
Taxi – ₹500 one way

Scuba Diving:
Try Dive: ₹3500-4500
Basic Open water: ₹27,000
Advanced Open Water: ₹24,000

Choose Tripver for overall discounts on the trip itinerary and diving courses!

The travel arrangements in this series are in association with: https://www.instagram.com/tripver/

So, finally here’s a trail of nerve-wracking adventures that I experienced while learning SCUBA diving in the Andamans. From throwing up in the waters, choppy seas, unclear water, scary dives to finally becoming a PADI certified diver which was on my bucket list since my teenage years. In this series, you’ll witness the bluest ocean, prismatic marine life, fearless dives, and real struggles I had to encounter during the 7-day adventure course! Next part coming soon!

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