Haan, ye kaise hua? How did I fall so hard for travelling? 🤪
But honestly, this place in Maldives is a must visit! The video is from an island called Fulidhoo in the Vavuu atoll. And as you can see from the videos in full landscape view, the island is tiny, but surrounded by many shades of blue and a very healthy house reef! I stayed here at Thundi sea view Guest House, which is where I’m walking out of to reach the adjacent beach in this vid. But there are many range of options for all types of travellers to stay on the island.

My trip to Fulidhoo was a collaboration with Fulidhoo Dive Maldives.
And I did 8 dives and an enriched air diver course with them as well, for being able to do deep dives better. I’ll keep sharing more about the dives in the upcoming reels. But basically, if you want to go to Fulidhoo for a

✨ Diving trip:
Reach out to Fulidhoo_dive_maldives on email and ask them about their various diving packages, courses or even try dives if you are looking to do it for the first time. Knowing how to swim is a must if you’re looking to dive in Fulidhoo with them. They usually coordinate all of the bookings and even the boat timings for all their guests, so you don’t have to worry about planning everything or manage all bookings from scratch.

✨ Budget Local island trip:
Book a stay as per your convenience and ask them to arrange for transportation in advance from the airport. Book your flight tickets as per the boat timings especially if you’re taking a public ferry. These days the public ferry is not working, so you’ve to take a speedboat which is priced at $40/way as opposed to $3 for a public ferry. So do account for that expense till the ferry boats are not operational again. Always reach out on email and ask them of available dates, boat timings and then proceed to book your flights.

One Pro Tip: If you are looking to hop more islands in Maldives currently, while the ferry from and to the airport is not working, but still want to make it budget, every time you take a trip to the airport, it’ll cost $40. So you can visit another island in the same atoll like, Keyodhoo in Vaavu atoll. Because within a single atoll, the ferries are working! More on this later!

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