It’s our channel’s run up to a million baby!!! I had a long time dream of collaborating with some of my favourite creators as we reach this mind-boggling milestone, all from different genres who have taught me a little something about content creation, passion, resilience and patience. Barkha’s journey has left me inspired because she is the kind of actor who is willing to evolve, adapt, learn, face rejection and leave everyone humbled around her with her passion for acting. I met her a long time back when she was filming for Engineering Girls 2 and ever since I wanted to have one collab on our channel with her! So finally, I present to you, collaboration number 1 – BARKHA SINGH, as we do our series of #OneInAMillion! It is happening 😭

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You may skip to the following points in the video for more information:

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Why #OneInAMillion
1:10 Meeting Barkha
1:30 Are we twins?
2:00 How life has been treating Barkha?
3:40 My gift to Barkha
4:10 How is life for me?
4:28 How did Barkha get into acting?
7:20 What feels more rewarding to Barkha – acting or content creation?
9:40 Our passion for travel
10:38 What does Barkha’s typical day look like?
12:37 How has her personal life changed with her career?
14:08 What sort of content do I enjoy creating?
14:50 Barkha taught me how to act!
15:15 Situation 1
17:17 Situation 2
20:15 Outro

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