In this Cyprus Documentary I take you on a road trip across the island with my good friend Kiko.
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In order to show you the whole diversity of the island we tried to cover most of the regions in the republic of cyprus in this Cyprus Documentary from the west over the south to the east as well as the mountains in the center and the divided capital of Nicosia in oder to shine light on to the present day situation of the conflict.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean. With some of the most popular and cleanest beaches in Europe, much of the tourist industry relies on “sea sun and sand” to attract tourists. But the island has so many hidden gems to offer which are off the tourist path – this is what we want to show you too.

You can use this Cyprus Documentary to plan your own trip to Cyprus, on my website you’ll find all essential information needed.

Following I list all places & things to do in Cyprus as seen in this video:
– Stavrovouni
– Akamsa Peninsula
– Avakas Gorge
– Edro III Shipwreck
– Haloumi Experience at Sofias
– Paphos & Nea Pahos incl. Mosaics
– Aphrodite’s Rock aka Petra tou Romiou
– Pissouri & Cliffs of Cape Aspro
– Kourion
– Nicosia
– Shacolas Tower
– Nicosia Old Town
– Nicosia Venetian Walls
– Green Line
– Lost and Found Drinkery Nicosia
– Ayia Napa
– Cape Greco
– Nikis Sweets
– Omodos
– Tsiakkas Winery
– Kakopetria
– Kykkos Monastery
– Throni (Thomb of Makarios)
– Tzelefos Bridge

Please use these chapters to navigate through the video:

0:00 Intro
1:17 About this Trip & Itinerary
4:37 Akamas Peninsula (West Cyprus)
6:55 Avakas Gorge
8:22 Edro III Shipwreck
9:21 Haloumi Cheese
11:34 Paphos & Nea Paphos
15:14 Cypriot Cuisine & Meze
18:33 Aphrodite’s Rock / Petra tou Romiou
19:19 Kourion
21:12 Hike Cape Aspro
23:53 Nicosia
26:32 Bar Scene & Young Generation
30:01 Ayia Napa (East Cyprus)
32:46 Agros & Nikis Sweets
35:22 Omodos
36:10 Cypriot Wine
38:07 Kakopetria
39:13 Kykkos Monastery
40:57 Tzelefos Bridge
42:03 Outtakes

▸ Cam1:Sony RX 100 V
▸ Cam2:Sony A7 II
▸ Cam3: GoPro
▸ Drone1: Mavic Pro
▸ 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

This video project was made possible by Masterworks our sponsor for this video. Our aim is to show you the beauty of the rather unknown parts in Cyprus alongside with the famous spots. Besides beautiful landscape you can expect loads of information and our personal experience traveling through the Republic of Cyprus.

The whole trip was executed over the course of 9 days using a rental car as well as a guide. A big thank you goes to Kiko who helped me filming this trip as well as to all locals involved in the production for their time and all the information they provided.

Sources for the information provided in this documentary:


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