Hello Dosto swagat hai aapka mere Question Answer series me jaha mai aap logo ke sawalo ke jawab Dil Khol ke dene ki koshish hai aur woh bhi puri honesty ke sath..agar aapka naam nahi aaya toh maafi chahta hu umeed karta hu next session me mai use cover karlu…

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Timestamps :
00:00 Intro
0:27 Which country to Buy Phone India Or Kuwait , Which is Cheapest
0:57 Do We Have Good Nokia Phones, Can We Expect Nokia To Come Back
1:38 How To Create A Good Gaming Channel
2:12 Can E SIm Replce The Physical Sim Cards In Future?
2:52 Back In Days We Used Have Good Phones At 10,000, Now the Price Have Increse Day by Day
3:33 How To Earn Money Without oing Anything
4:09 Can We Expect A Mega Collab This Year?
4:54 Realme 9 Pro Plus Camera Fogg Issue !
5:44 Which One Should I Buy Samsung s7 Fe Wifi Or iPad?
6:09 Which Smartphone My Dad IS Using
6:49 Can We Expect iPhone 13 At 50k
7:13 Why AskRuhez is Not Coming These Days
7:37 Brand Should Consider The (Charge Cycle In Battery Specs)
8:03 While Exchanging Our Old Phone is Factory Reset Is Enough Or Do We Have to Do Anything Else?
8:19 Is S22 Ultra Is Better Than The Latest iPhone
8:58 Which One to Consider ? Pixel 6A Or Moto Edge 30 Fusion?
9:30 iPhone 13 Vs S22+ , Is iPhone 13 Worth it at 48500?
9:45 We Want to See Razman In Videos!
10:16 Weird Question!
10:32 Dose Nothing Phone Company Survive The Indian Market?
11:05 After we Have 5G Do we Get Better 4G Speed ,Or the 4G Plans are Going to be Cheap?
11:35 Should I Buy Moto Edge 30 Ultra or Wait for Other Devices ?
12:04 Will Realme Launch a Smartphone with Curved Display?
12:32 Minimum How many years do We Have to Keep Our Smartphone
13:18 Which One Do you Consider Big Battery Or Fast Charging, why Phones Prices Are Incresing
13:58 MTK Dimensity 9000+ vs SD 8+ Gen 1
14:24 Whats the Google Pxiel Smartphones Plans in India
14:56 Flipkart Order Cancel Scam, We Have To Take Action Against them!
15:39 What do you think About jio Phone 5G,Do We Need To resgister For Jio 5G eSim?,Samsung Phone Swelling Issue?,Pixel 7 Series Expectations?
17:16 Outro

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