Episode 8: A Deadly Virus
With a deadly virus being made ready to circulate in the country, things are getting intense for Shrikant and his team. Fortunately, Shrikant manages to decode the plan led out by Bashir. However, the game seems to not favor him or his team. How will Shrikant and his team go to capture the culprits? Will there be a threat to his life? What will happen next? To know more, watch the episode now.

Show Name: Shrikant Bashir
Cast: Gashmeer Mahajani, Yudhishtir Singh, Ashmita Jaggi
Episode: 8
Director: Santosh Shetty
Producer: SK TV, Banijay Asia

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About Shrikant Bashir:
Shrikant Bashir is an edgy action-drama series that showcases the partnership of two ideologically & ethnically different individuals working for the Surgical Operation Team (SOT) a premium intelligence agency to solve crimes of national threat. SOT is led by the dynamic duo Shrikant Mahatre and Bashir Khan, who cannot see eye to eye. Through the series, we see how these two contrasting personalities come together bending their personal differences for the greater good of the nation. The SOT faces a constant threat from the terrorist groups & international criminals who cause tumultuous events such as Nuclear Threats, Bank Scams, and Biological warfare that leads the SOT, to perform Surgical Operations.

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A Deadly Virus | Shrikant Bashir – Ep 8 | Full Episode| 11 Jan 2023


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