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Episode 204: Katha Ki Mannat
Maya calls the CA of Earth Con to her house to find out about the money Viaan gave Katha. Meanwhile, Viaan and Katha find a way to escape from the robbers. Now, Stay Tuned to know whether Viaan and Katha will be able escape the robbers.

Show Name: Katha Ankahee
Cast: Adnan Khan, Aditi Dev Sharma, Sheen Dass, Samar Vermani
Director: Ravi Bhushan
Producer: Sujoy Wadhava

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About Katha Ankahee:
Kathaa is a Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish drama ‘1001 Nights’ (Binbir Gece) – Katha Ankahee showcases a repentance love story centered around an unforgettable wound that creates a rift between Katha and Viaan; yet keeping them bound. It discovers the trials of love when an unforgettable incident creates a rift between them while also keeping them bound to each other.

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Katha Ki Mannat | Katha Ankahee – Ep 204 | Full Episode | 14 September 2023


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