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Let’s understand Risks, Returns and other pros & cons of Equity & Debt Mutual Funds.
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In this video, I have explained:

1.when can we withdraw money from mutual fund?
2.What is Debt fund?
3.In which fund we should invest?
4.Which mutual funds are high risk?
5. What is Equity mutual fund?
6. What are the pros and cons of mutual funds?
7. Where do you invest according by your income, age and risk appetite.
8 . Difference between Debt mutual fund and Equity mutual fund.
9. What is expense ratio in mutual funds?
10. Do mutual funds gives negative return also?
11. What is the average return on a Equity mutual fund?
12. What is the average return on a Debt mutual fund?
13. Which mutual funds provide high liquidity, Equity mutual fund or Debt mutual fund?
14.what is volatility?

Equity mutual funds invest in shares of publicly listed companies, Debt mutual fund invest in fixed income securities issued by the government and companies. Equity funds produce higher returns than Debt mutual fund. Equity funds are riskier then debt funds.

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