New RBI Monetary Policy on EMI Moratorium & Loan Restructuring explained in Hindi. This will be applicable to home loans, car loans, personal loans, education loans, loan against property, business loans, term loans, etc. People & companies which are facing financial stress can avail of these benefits. Let’s learn about them.

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RBI has brought in a new monetary policy on loan restructuring after its previous EMI Moratorium Policy that was brought in to counter the Covid-19 economic crisis. The previous loan EMI moratorium provided meant that a moratorium of up to 6 months could be availed during which the EMI would get accrued to be paid later, after the moratorium period would end. However, the new rbi moratorium policy provides help to corporates, Retail consumers, and MSMEs, wherein you will be able to restructure your loan amount, the EMI amount and the tenure of the loan. This will be applicable to people who have home loans, car loans, personal loans, education loans, loan against property, business loans, term loans etc.

RBI ने अपनी पिछली EMI Moratorium policy के बाद Covid -19 से आये आर्थिक संकट का मुकाबला करने के लिए loan restructuring पर एक नई policy जारी की है। पिछले EMI moratorium policy के अनुसार 6 महीने तक के अधिस्थगन का लाभ उठाया जा सकता था, परंतु अधिस्थगन अवधि समाप्त होने के बाद, जमा की गयी EMI राशि का भुगतान अनिवार्य था. नयी loan restructuring policy, बड़ी कंपनियों, छोटे बिज़नेस वालों आप और हमारे आम लोगों की सहायता के लिए लायी जा रही है जहां आप अपनी loan राशि, EMI राशि और loan की अवधि का पुनर्गठन कर सकेंगे. यह उन सभी लोगों पर लागू होगी जिन्होंने होम लोन, कार लोन, पर्सनल लोन, एजुकेशन लोन या फिर प्रॉपर्टी के खिलाफ लोन ले रखा है या अपने बड़े-छोटे बिज़नेस लिए लोन ले रखा है.

In this video, we have explained:

1. What is RBI loan restructuring policy?
2. How to avail of the loan restructuring policy?
3. What is loan EMI moratorium?
4. Who can avail loan moratorium?
5. How will loan restructuring affect cibil score or credit score?
6. Is loan EMI moratorium good or not?
7. Is loan restructuring policy good or bad?
8. Will loan restructuring benefit?
9. How to reduce loan in loan restructuring?
10. How to reduce EMI in loan restructuring?
11. How to reduce tenure in loan restructuring?
12. What is maximum moratorium in loan restructuring?
13. How to restructure loan for small business?

In this video, we will learn in-depth about the RBI EMI loan restructuring policy. We will learn the key policy changes brought in by this new rbi policy and how it affects existing loan holders and small businesses.

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