PEG ratio or Price Earnings to Growth Ratio is explained in hindi. PEG ratio in addition to P/E ratio is a metric to assess whether a stock or share is fairly priced, under-priced or overpriced.

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PEG Ratio or Price Earnings to Growth Ratio को हिंदी में समझाया गया है। In addition to P/E ratio, PEG ratio यह assess करने के लिए एक metric है कि stock या share; fairly priced, under-priced या overpriced हैं ।

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In this video, we have explained:
What does PEG ratio mean?
How to calculate PEG ratio?
What is PEG ratio formula?
Is low PEG ratio good?
What are the limitations of PEG ratio?
How to evaluate shares value before investing in stock?
Is a higher PEG ratio better?
What is the relation between PE ratio and growth rate?
How to know future growth rate of any industry/company?
What is the importance of PEG ratio in future growth of company?
How to analyse the future growth of company?

In this video, we can simply understand that
If PEG ratio = 1, it implies that the stock is fairly valued given the expected growth rate.
PEG ratio is more than 1, it means the stock is undervalued.
PEG ratio is less than 1, it means the stock is overpriced.

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