What is Market Cap to GDP Ratio in current Corona Covid-19 Crisis in India or Recession 2020? Named after Warren Buffett, Buffett Indicator helps to ascertain whether the stock markets are undervalued or overvalued currently.
Market Capitalization to GDP ratio also helps us identify if a recession is coming up because Share Markets are a lead indicator of the economy.

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In this video we will also have a look at the Market Cap to GDP Ratio in India over last 15 years and see how a global recession or economic crisis gives lot of investment opportunities.

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भारत या मंदी 2020 में कोरोना कोविद -19 संकट में जीडीपी अनुपात का मार्केट कैप क्या है? वारेन बफेट के नाम पर बफेट इंडिकेटर यह पता लगाने में मदद करता है कि क्या वर्तमान में शेयर बाजार अंडरवैल्यूड हैं या ओवरवैल्यूड हैं।
मार्केट कैपिटलाइजेशन टू जीडीपी अनुपात हमें यह पहचानने में भी मदद करता है कि क्या मंदी आ रही है क्योंकि शेयर बाजार अर्थव्यवस्था का प्रमुख संकेतक हैं।
इस वीडियो में हम पिछले 15 वर्षों में भारत में मार्केट कैप से लेकर जीडीपी अनुपात तक पर एक नजर डालेंगे और देखेंगे कि कैसे वैश्विक मंदी या आर्थिक संकट निवेश के बहुत अवसर देता है।

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In this video, we have explained:
Is it a good time to invest in stock market?
What is Buffett indicator which is also known as market cap to gdp ratio and where it is used?
We have talked about limitations of buffet indicator.
What is total market cap?
What is price to sales ratio and how do we interpret it?
How do we know if market is overpriced or underpriced?
In last 15 years how a global recession gives investment opportunities in Stock market?
We have explained by using buffett indicator how corona virus or covid-19 has affected indian stock market
We have talked about the economic crash or economic crisis in the last 15 years of Indian stock market by using the Market Cap to GDP Ratio.
Market capitalization to GDP ratio is a ratio used to determine whether market is overvalued or undervalued, It’s calculated by dividing total market cap by GDP of the country. Using this ratio we can also know whether there is Slowdown in India or in any country.

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