Job vs Business – A perspective on Financial Planning and Tax Planning differences between the two. How rich manage their money, plan taxes and make money making machine for themselves? Anyone can learn these basic financial planning concepts to become rich. With these financial planning methods and money management skills you can learn how to get rich and maybe get inspired to take a shot at becoming a millionaire or a billionaire 🙂
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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Money management
2:13 – Accounting of Salaried Class
3:26 – Accounting of Business Class
8:12 – Tax planning of Business Class
8:46 – Money management of Salaried Class
10:10 – Money management of Business class
10:47 – Why businesses keep cash?
11:48 – Why Businesses are supported by government?
12:09 – How salaried class can take tax breaks?
12:56 – Summary
About the Video:
Everyone wants to make more money and get rich but only a few of us actually become millionaires or billionaires. The key to how to get rich is good financial planning and the right money management techniques. There is a big difference between the financial and tax planning of entrepreneurs or businessmen and that of salaried employees. There are several benefits of being an entrepreneur and putting up your own business, one of them being tax savings.
However, to get rich you need to know how to make money and from where all can you earn more and save. Money making is primary followed by money management. The first step is to generate wealth with business or different income streams and then comes proper deployment of wealth management and money management skills to ensure regular and stable growth of your money. One should know the correct treatment of tax and easy ways through with we can make tax saving investments that could help us retain more of our earnings in an ethical and legally sound way.
So how can we apply the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” principles in our lives to become rich? In this video, we have compiled the perfect approach for financial planning for beginners that would give you a better understanding of how to plan your taxes and saving. We will also briefly discuss Job Vs Business, which is better and more profitable along with sound financial knowledge and a few money saving tricks.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. How to become rich fast?
2. How to become a millionaire or how to become a billionaire?
3. Job vs Business, which is better?
4. How do businessmen get rich?
5. How can I become a rich businessman?
6. How to learn financial planning as a beginner?
7. What are the tax saving techniques for businessmen?
8. How to get rich in a job?
9. How to save more and pay less tax?
10. How to do financial planning and tax planning?
11. What is money management or wealth management?
12. How to save tax?
13. How to make more assets and less liabilities?
14. How to correctly treat assets and liabilities to increase wealth?
15. Assets that make you rich.

Hope you like this video on “Job vs Business – Money Making Machine & Financial Planning of Rich”.
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